Monday, June 14, 2010

Coven Women

Another new book has been started, just to quit Myrtle down a bit. I don't have a title for it yet, but she's insisting it will be yet another series. Oh dear, I already don't have enough time for everything. How many hours sleep does a human need?

This new book covers much of the back story of how the Coven came to be, the women in, all of a "certain age", and the "why" of their existence. It's been pretty fun to get started, in the same sense that Merie is fun for me to write. Lots of giggles as I type and see the story begin to form.

Once again there is no outline, no plot defined, no story boarding. Just straight from my brain to my keyboard. This book is like Merie, just for me at the moment, and a few cherished friends to read as the public most likely will take umbrage.

And I wonder often if I should keep blogging as more time is pulled away for other things in life. I haven't yet figured out how to add a counter to see how many unique visitors there are to this blog. Probably just the 3 that are followers. I can't imagine anyone else would find this blog all that interesting. If it's more than that it will be a happy surprise, as I don't consider myself all that unique, interesting, or memorable, although others tell me often I am.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Character Chaos

I need to double the hours of free time in my day. Now that summer's here, gardening is on the mind, I have a new video game addiction, lots of To Do's around the house, ad not enough time to write. Normally, getting a 1/2 hour to write would be enough to quiet my characters down, not so much any more.

Secondary characters in my main series are now demanding their OWN series. The Coven Women are becoming a lot more vocal and demanding, while Paul and Paxton have wedding changes to make, and Collie's world calls while Merie jumps in at inappropriate times to leave me laughing. Perhaps it's a good thing I don't have as much to do at work as I should at this time.

I am considering setting up a regular website to post a few chapters and offer the books for sale "as is" in electronic formats until I can find an agetn/publisher/editor. The money would come direct to me (a plus), but without knowing how to really advertise or publicize it properly then I may only sell one copy and that's it.

The short stories are done and one was submitted, only to find it's not the right "genre" for these folks. Too "mass market paperback" and not "literary" enough. Not a surprise, I do tend to write along lines for the masses and not for the eltist college types. (Yes, I can say that, I do have a degree and am working on a Master's - none in literature though).

For now, my sister is my editor, my friend's who read it love it, and I'm trying to wrap up Collie's first book. Perhaps I'll get that finished in the next NaNoWriMo competition. You never know, I might actually get it done and get some attention on it.

Waiting to hear back from editors and agents is long and boring. Sister's in Crime has conferences coming up in my area again; I'm saving my pennies in hopes of attending and getting some objective criticism on whether or not it's worth chasing a publishing deal on the Jess series. I can always hope and I might have a chance to meet a few authors that I enjoy. One never knows!