The Chosen Series

Merie is mortal, but she is not human.  One of God's Chosen she's something between an angel and a human and with no soul her life is lived at God's mercy.  Her death will also come at God's will, and with no soul there is no existence beyond death.

The Chosen live on Earth with Humans (version 2.0), to help protect us from destroying ourselves - again. God also happens to be female, and is a fantastic engineer.  Satan is her favorite "plaything", who annoyed her one day and has been paying for it ever since. 

Key religious figures - from Jesus to Buddha to Muhammed to Moses and even Vishnu and Lakshmi - are present and still walking the earth.  All of them are God's Chosen, and all of them have their own special powers, assigned by God, to help balance the earth, care for Humanity, and do God's bidding.

Uncertain if these will ever be published, I invite you to read Christopher Moore's book Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.  It is a great fun read, and while it takes digs at the various religions (which is fun in and of itself), he does point out that it's a work of fiction, not one to be taken seriously, and if it rattles your faith perhaps you should rethink things.

Which is kind of what Merie is all about.  She takes much more research than my other characters, but she's such fun for me to write.  I love the irreverence she feels towards us at silly we can get over smaller differences of religion, and how we forget the one obvious point: we are humans and we are all the same at our core.

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