Thursday, July 26, 2012

Conversations with Merie

First the happy-happy joy-joy stuff. I was approached by the global software company I did work for a few months ago to assist with another marketing campaign.  I'm getting paid to help vet the materials again, woo-hoo! Another paying side gig.  Let the dancing begin!

Okay, now on the more serious and political stuff.  Merie has been pretty vocal lately regarding the shootings and subsequent gun control discussions.  In a way I'm very surprised at her stance. While she really doesn't like us having weapons, she recognizes we have free will and have to battle demons on a more routine basis that we silly humans realize. She prefers that every human have a means to protect themselves against oppressive governments and the general evil that abounds on the planet.

Of course, I feel that gun control laws only affect those who already follow the rules. Look at Canada, they don't allow guns, yet criminals have them.  Russia has state before that if they were to invade the US the one state they won't attack is Texas. Why? Because they know that the vast majority of it's residents have guns (both legally and illegally). I found that fascinating!

I'm all for keeping guns out the hands of the whack-jobs out there, but I don't see how it can be done effectively and without endangering our right to bear arms even further.  And that's something that has perplexed Merie. So I asked her to ask God about it. God's frustrating answer: "It's all about free will. Bites me in the butt, it bites them in the butt on occasion."  There's more to this conversation, but that's the jist of it. I'm not sure which book of hers it belongs in yet, but that it's this conversation that has Merie's story flowing once again. Which brings me right back around to happy dancing.

Do I have the answer to the supposed "gun" issues in the US. Nope. Don't even pretend to. But I'll be damned if anyone is going to take away my right to defend myself.

I have more on this topic, but first I must write what Merie is telling me and join my hubby on our nightly walk.