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Jess Barker Mystery Series
The Jess Barker series is based on the tumultuous life of Jess Barker, a recovering alcoholic who interacts with dead people, much in the same way she does living people.  Constantly followed by a hoard of dead people begging for her attention, she relies heavily on her BFF, Paul/Jolita, who is a closeted stockbroker by day, and Drag Queen Diva of Austin at night.

It's a Fey Life
Collie is a faerie/human hybrid of royal blood.  Posing as an "almost-but-not-quite" supermodel, she is the ambassador for her Fey father's kingdom to Fey kingdoms the world over.  Trying to preserve the planet for the dwindling Fey kingdoms, she is at constant odds with her Fey and human blood lines.

The Chosen series
Merie is one of God's chosen.  Not an angel and not a human, her unique breed lies somewhere in between.  With no soul granted by God, Merie lives only at God's whimsy.  Lucky for Merie, God is rather fond of this particular chosen, and she is called on often to perform different tasks over the milenia.  Being a half-sister to Jesus - who is still living on the planet - is never easy either, given his diva-like tendencies.  God, in her infinite but unknowable wisdom, also keeps Satan around and occasionally uses him as a "stress reliever" by shaking him like a rag doll from time-to-time.  I am constantly amused by this character and God's humorous side in this series.

The Scot
New character to me, Stewart is a widower with a secret past life.  A spy for the US during the War, he is now retired and focuses on rescuing and restoring vintage sewing machines.  A passion of his late wife's, he continues it in her honor.  Now his granddaughter is engaged to the grandson of one Stewart's old enemies - one he imprisoned decades ago and who's vowed revenge.

Coven Sisters
We meet the coven in the Jess Barker series. These ladies would not remain silent and demanded their own story lines. The Coven Sisters are all friends "of a certain age' with a variety of paranormal skills. Myrtle started the coven but they all work as one big team without a specific leader. Rebecca, who looks surprisingly like Mrs. Santa Claus, is an expert at banishing demons, Myrtle is talented psychic and can summon her guides at the drop of a hat.

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