Saturday, April 28, 2012

Flashes of both kinds

All of a sudden my body has decided to treat me to a new type of hot flashes. I'd kind of gotten used to (and found ways to work around) the random flashes that would start at my shoulders and speed up to my head. Now I'm getting core body hot flashes...totally different and they are making me keenly aware of how it might feel to spontaneously combust.

The first few days of this I thought I might just be coming down with some funky virus, but about the fifth day of these, one of my characters popped in and started laughing at me. Myrtle is a side character, she's Jess' mentor, and a woman of a "certain" age and is apparently very familiar with what I'm going through. (How should I know, it's not like I can sit and chat with her at length or anything!)

She told me I should look at how I can use my insight into an overheated body into helping Jess solve a death in her fourth book. So I started writing, and writing, and no I've done no editing. One thing my characters have taught me, it's to write what they tell me as soon as they tell me so I don't miss out on it and leave the editing until after I get it all down.  The fun part about that is I get to "hear" the story first and then fine tune it and really read the story during the editor.

In some ways I'm a "pantser" writer, but not today. Today is a hot flash day, the pants are off, and the shirt may be soon to follow if things don't cool down. Luckily, I'm home so I can actually strip down if need be, I can't do that at work-work.