Jess Barker Mysteries

Jess Barker is, in one word, complicated.  She's also a bit foul-mouthed and says stuff often that makes me laugh at inappropriate times.

She is a unique type of psychic, a gift that she hates, but she's stuck with it. Jess interacts with the dead as easily as she interacts with the living and it drives her crazy. Not a people person by nature, it really rankles her that she's constantly hounded by a hoard of dead "groupies" to resolve their issues.

A recovering alcoholic, rapidly closing in on the big "30", her life is a semi-controlled form of chaos. Her best friend, Paul, is the reigning Drag Queen Diva of Austin at night, who goes back in the closet for his day job as a stock broker. Paul and his alter-ego Jolita, have been her family since her beloved grandfather's passing years ago.

Adding to the complexity is her boring job at the local hospital as a coder for the most hated manager in the hospital. Her saving grace there are her other best friends, Maggie, also a coder and an AA member, and Cora, her AA sponsor and a stock broker turned social worker. They help her stay sober and avoid the wrath of her boss.

Mix in Sam, the angel who helped Paul find her and get her into rehab, that gives Jess warm feelings she doesn't want to face, a coven that was started by her psychic mentor, a dead Doctor, a slimy lawyer, and her best friend's love lives, and things tend to get interesting.

The Reluctant Psychic - Back in editing

Return to the Ranch - In the Works

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