Sunday, December 28, 2014

Future Writer's Running Amok

There was grand battle in my living room this past Friday that rolled over into Saturday morning. It was EPIC - in every sense of the word. I had such fun watching and listening to it all.

At play, running throughout my entire main floor, were a 7-year old girl and an 8-year old boy (one borrowed from a friend, the other from next door). They are new friends and fast friends. Two very smart young minds with energy and rapidly switching priorities that somehow manage to keep up with each other.

I listened and watched raptly as they choreographed and narrated the battle on the fly. Pantser, the both of them. I can imagine great D&D games in their future. It would not surprise me one bit if one, or both of them, become writers in the future. This is the most imaginative play I have seen since my siblings and I were kids.

My nephews didn't play like this, they're more rough and tumble, sports-oriented boys. Although when they weren't playing they could be found glued to some electronic device like so many of today's younger generations.

My Little Ponies were at the core of this epic battle, along with Equestrianas (I sure hope I got that straight), there were hidden relationships - "Rarity, I am your Mother!", "Pinkie, I adopted you after having Rarity" worthy of Star Wars and Shakespeare's tragedies.

At risk were the ponies lives and homeland, requiring some of the ponies to travel thru time, going back through the Roman Empire, glancing in on a gladiator fight, back to Ancient Eygpt, were a special magically amulet would bring an assassinated pony back to life (only to find out the resurrected pony's arch enemy was none other than it's birth mother). Lives were lost, resurrected and lost again. Unicorns were sacrificed to save ponies, and many wardrobe changes for the Equestiranas were needed.

During a lull in the battle, a game of Disney Trivia was started up and during another lull Battleship was broken out (the manual kind, not electronic). Rules were modified to make them "speed' games, which was just as fun to watch as the entire battle.

I'm looking forward to the next epic battle they chose to start up. What will they think up next?