Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life gets in the way

Well, it's official I'm getting old. I'm actually happily accepting it, but it comes with a few mean flashes paired with racing heart beats. All of that gets in the way of work (no big loss) and my writing (BIG loss). So I've been neglecting pretty much all of my writing.

I did however send my short story of Jess and Paul's coming out to my Aunt. She liked it, but it shifted too quickly and too darkly to a scene where Paul witnesses exactly how much ghosts can affect Jess' life. I'll have to work on making that shift happen more slowly. But I'd like to have another person, who doesn't mind the dark side of writing so much, take a look at it. My family is a bit sensitive to the darker pieces of my writing.

My short story on how Collie came to be is almost ready to pass on to my Aunt to see if she thinks it would work for GlimmerTrain. They're more on the intellectual side of writing, whereas I'm more of the "mass paperback" genre. :)

So life goes on, and I'm trying to get back on track with finding a "home" for Jess' series and finishing up the first books for Collie and Merie. And I'd better hurry up as the Coven Women from Jess are harassing me for their own book as well. Chaos reigns!

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