Monday, October 3, 2011

New Inspiration for The Scot

A friend of mine's been looking for a vintage machine to sew leather on.  I happened to find one for her at the local Goodwill and, after a bit of confusion on the payment side of things, I picked it up this afternoon.  Pleased at my new found "treasure" I bustled into the back of my truck without looking at it much.

Back home after a day of work, I hauled it into the house (it's not really heavy, just awkward with no case), and took a good look.  The second I get a good look at the decals The Scot pops up.  "Oh, lookie lassie, she's a beauty!"  Stewart's doing a jig over this one.  Other than a layer of dust and a bit of minor rust on the bobbin slide plate (easily removed with vinegar), she's in great shape.

According to Stewart, she should be "right as rain" with a bit of gentle cleaning on the deck, elbow grease to remove the old dried up gunk, and a good oiling.  I hope he's right.  Looks to be that way to me.  Take a look for yourself:

Stewart's been "advising" me ever since, all evening in fact, as to the best place to start and what to use.  The funny part is he's showing me a side of himself I didn't know yet.  He really, truly loves to tinker on this "wee beasties" as he puts it.  His hands twitch a bit when he tells me what I should work on next.  It makes me laugh, because I understand his eagerness to get his hands on something, but there's still something dark lurking about in the background. So far I've only caught glimpses of his past, most of the time I only get the fun part of the treasure hunting for old machines.

I hate to tell him I'm full up now.  At 10 machines and counting, I need to get rid of some before bringing any more home.  I'm betting he'll pout a bit, but I'm hoping I can keep him popping up and feeding me his story line as he could really be fun to write a series on.

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