Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Molly gets a new name

I've been needing to rename one of Jess' best friends, Molly, because there's too many 'M' names too close together in the book.  I've asked for input from a variety of folks and had picked a name, but was waiting for approval from my friend to use it.

It's been weeks and I hadn't heard back from her. Today I learned why. She'd been in the hospital, valiantly holding a last stand against the cancer that has ravaged her body for far too many years. Today, she lost her battle. I just learned this. She will be missed.

And Molly will be renamed Cora, in honor of my friend. Her nickname will be Corky, just as Cora's dad called her. I'm sure Cora is smiling up in heaven. She'd read part of Jess' book, and has an understanding of Molly's character and I'm sure she'd approve.  They're fighters, Molly and Cora, and I can't think of a better name to use now.

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