Monday, August 27, 2012

Hotel "Etiquette"

I happen to be visiting my home office this week and am therefore holed up in a hotel with a strange bed, while my hubby gets to stay home with the fur kids and the garden that still needs watering.  And he has free access to...CHOCOLATE!

As I sit in my room craving a Snickers or Twix, something gooey, chocolatey and carmelly, I'm debating.  How old do you have to be to get away with wandering down the hallway, flabby boobs bouncing, to feed a hot-flashed induced craving?

Decorum dictates I take the time to put back on the bra (I can't afford children's lifelong psychiatric visits should I run into and scare any) at a minimum.  My upbringing also dictates my derriere be covered in something besides my yoga pants as well due to the ever present jiggle of my ever widening posterior.  However, at this point in the day and my current comfort level neither of those propositions can motivate me enough to toddle down the haul to score some chocolate.

Either I am really lazy or I siimply don't want the chocolate badly enough. I guess these peanut butter crackers will do. They will also cancel out the strides I made on the hotel treadmill earlier.

Oh well, at least I can flop around my hotel room in comfort!

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