Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Temporary Change of Direction

So, I'm taking a quick detour off of my Jess Barker series to do a cookbook. Yes, I am aware there are 300 gazillion or so cookbooks out there. This one is being done at the bequest of many friends and family members who've asked for recipes like the "Satan" muffins, my banana bread, and several cookie recipes.

I did ask first. And the consensus was most would buy at least one copy for $0.99 on Amazon. My mother want's a print copy so I will have to format it for print-on-demand as well.  The formatting will be a learning experience for certain. Not sure how I'm going to make that work, but I'll figure it out.

Stories on some key recipes and my "philosophies" on making the particular recipe sets will be added in as part of the book. My great-grandmother used to just take handfuls of flour, sugar, and whatever else until it was "just right", she didn't measure. I take after her a little bit on some things, but for the most part I have all the measurements down.

There will be one component lacking though, and that is pictures. Because to do pictures means I have to make a batch of every cookie, muffin, and bread recipe I include. That's a lot of pictures and I'm most definitely NOT a good photographer.  I might be able to sweet talk a friend into doing a photo shoot for me, but I'll have to have everything made up and trek it to his studio.  And then I'd have to figure out how to include them in the electronic and POD copies.

Too bad I have a full time job, these is going to take a lot of research!

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