Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Drop heard around the World

I am admittedly not an Apple Fangirl/Fanboi/Fanatic. Decades ago I applauded Apple for daring to challenge IBM in the realm of personal computing, that has changed since Apple has stayed with a proprietary hardware platform.

That said, I still had to laughingly groan with the unlucky soul in Perth, Australia, who - in his eagerness to show off his "score" - dropped his just acquired iPhone while trying to show it off to the media. He hadn't even taken the plastic off the face of it yet. A worldwide groan went up from the Apple fan base over that one.'s a PHONE. It's not a God, demi-God, shapeshifter,  or answer to all your prayers. I will never understand waiting in line for days to get a phone that will be outdated in a year or less (actually, it's already outdated, Samsung, HTC and LG beat Apple to the size boost, chip speed, and display quality at least 2 years ago). 

There isn't any technology, game, or other item that will convince me to give up my comfy bed to stand in a line to obtain it. I prefer to think I'm "too sane" to do that, but really, it's because I work in tech all day and don't want to deal with it when I'm home. Unless I'm writing, or killing alien creatures on alien worlds with really cool alien weaponry.

Now, if the next iPhone comes with a cool shapeshifting feature where it can become a cup of coffee, a handgun, a baseball bat, or a studly baseball team sans shirts then maybe, just maybe I'll get one. In the meantime, I'll get the least expensive smart phone that I can find and ignore the fan-person zealotry.

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