Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waiting Anew

Well, I sent out my second query letter to my second choice agent, who happens to represent Dakota Cassidy. Dakota writes paranormal romances, that are wickedly funny and make me laugh like MaryJanice's Betsy books. Oddly enough, Dakota lives in Texas, as does Victoria Laurie, and Jess' lives in Austin. (I'm taking that as a sign). I "think" I'm a similar style, but not 100% certain of that.

Anyway, I'll be waiting for a few weeks before hitting up the next agent. In the meantime, I'm wrapping up and proofing two short stories for the GlimmerTrain contest that are due on February 28th. I may do a short story on Merie, or one of the other Chosen and submit it as a regular submission at a later date to GlimmerTrain.

I'm also debating about joining in on a contest with the SouthWest Writers group in New Mexico. But I may hold off on that as I still need to join the Sisters In Crime "guppies" group for newbies. Monica Ferris is a big part of that group and they have conferences that are close enough (and cheap enough) for me to attend from time to time. And I love her hats!

Either way, I'll be waiting, and writing, and waiting for a few folks who are taking a stab at editing the first draft (did I mention that I haven't edited the book yet - I sent a first draft to my first agent pick) of the Jess book. I'll be trying to edit that as well, but Jess, Collie, and Merie are all clammoring for their stories to continue moving forward. So, I guess I'm off to write!


  1. Nope. I proofread it and fixed grammatical stuff but left the story as it was. I've had other people read it and they like it the way it was. Since I dont know any professional editors that I could have asked to take a peek and my mother the English major won't read it for the swearing, I just sent it on.

    This whole fiction writing thing caught me by surprise (it definitely wasn't in my plans), so I'm learning all of this by the seat of my pants. Which is how all of my characters' stories are written. No plots, no thinking about storylines...I just type it as it's "told" to me. If I could type faster (and had a bit more free time) I'd have all the first books done and polished off Jess' 3rd book.

    The funny thing is that he liked it anyway. Which made me really happy.

  2. I'm new to novel writing too. Here's a link that frightened me:


    I'd read your blog post after reading what this lit agent looks for. Not that you would submit your sweary books to her (neither would I, because my books are major curse worthy! lol) she just makes a good point about professionalism in book publishing.

    The only feedback I ever had (until today) was from friends and family who's only statements were that they 'liked my story'.

    I think this set me into a rut. Today my author sister in law edited my first chapter for me and really opened my eyes. I did need a professional opinion to see how much work my manuscript truly needs.


    I'm lucky to have an author in the family, but if you wanted to you could join fiction writer groups online and meet professionals who might look at your work for free.

    It's just an idea as I understand what it means to be new at writing :)

  3. You are lucky! I have a former co-worker, who's edited books before, giving it a read. I trust him to give me the good-bad-ugly notes.

    I was really hoping my mom would read it because she's a very good reviewer, but she still refuses due to the language. She has read what I've gotten assembled for Merie so far and gave me some good pointers.