Friday, July 16, 2010

Thoughtful wondering

I'm wondering how long it takes an agent to say "no thanks". Is 3 months long enough, or should I wait 6 before sending them something else? And why isn't there a writer's group in my local area?

More importantly, how useful is this blog really? I'm not sure how many people have even read this one. I have another one over at but am not finding that site very useful either. Maybe it's just cynicism striking me, or the busyness of my life. Either way I find myself thinking more along the lines of "is it worth it" than "what's the Coven up to today?" or "what's going to happen in Jess/Collie/Merie's world"?

Summer may not be helping either as I prefer to be outside playing on my tractor or working in my garden instead of in front of a keyboard. From time to time, the Coven or Merie or Jess or Collie reaches out and grabs my attention in a way that I have to stop what I'm doing and grab the closest writable device (including my BlackBerry) and write as fast as I can. The problem with that is finding the focus to go back and edit what I've written. And finding willing editors for Jess' book is difficult as well as most find it either: 1) offensive in language or 2) offensive in content. Which is fine with me as I didn't expect it to be a large market range; that's more of Collie's book.

So, if I lapse in posts and you would like to know where I'm at, nudge me with a comment.

Right now, I'm waiting to hear back from 3 agents and searching for an editor that might be interested in either Collie or Jess. Waiting, and waiting, and wondering.

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  1. Well I read your blog and was actually beginning to wonder when a post might be coming.

    So at least you have one! :)