Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been a long time!

Wow! It's been since November and here it is mid-January already! I failed NaNoWriMo...didn't hit the 50,000 mark but made great progress on Collie's story.

Job hunting has been consuming me lately. I'll be leaving the current job at the end of the month, and will heave a big sigh of relief at my departure. Good news is there are some leads that show potential and that may leave room for the editing of Jess' books.

I have a list of agents to hit up, and I've decided to use B&N's electronic publishing arm to publish a cookbook that a friend has asked me to put together. So I'll hopefully have some real feedback on that soon.

I've also added an iPad to the mix of electronic devices that I jot notes on. Let me tell you, the iPad is not so good at creating content...the keypad and auto correct tends to get in the way. But, it can be handy when inspiration strikes in the wee hours and you need a fast booting device.

More on Jess, Collie, Merie and the rest of the girls...perhaps next month!

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