Monday, May 16, 2011

Life gets in the way

Life always seems to get in the way of my writing. My job, although I do enjoy it, demands a lot of my “spare” time, along with the plethora of my other hobbies (including belly dance classes)and I seem to find myself not writing much.

This point was driven home last night as my husband sat down next to me to watch Game of Thrones and noticed me pounding away on my favorite writing laptop. (Yes, I have favorite laptops, but that's another blog). He asked if I was working on my book, and seemed surprised by it. Apparently it's been months since he's actually seen me writing, which got me to thinking that my writing has been taking the back seat way too much lately. I'm just going to have to find more time to dedicate to writing. Trying to figure out what to cut out is the hard part. Summer is rapidly approaching which means lots of yard work and gardening. Plus I have belly dance class once a week, and I'm helping out with the local GLBT Network groups, and I'm spearheading a big tech event for 2012, and...and...and...I just need a clone.

The odd part is that my most prolific writing month seems to be August. Of course this is Jess' anniversary of her first appearance in my life, and I think that's a big reason why. Or maybe it's just all the sunshine finally gets me to a good level of Vitamin D. The gray weather of Michigan does get to me from time to time, being the Southern California native that I am, I soak up whatever rays of sun that manage to sneak through as often as I can. And that brings me right around back to work.

Summer will be eaten up by tech projects at client sites, which are scattered all over the state. I've decided to experiment with the digital recorder on my Android phone the next long drive I have. If I can record some of my story lines and convert them to text when I land back home, that could be pretty cool and provide me some of that much needed time to write. I'm not sure how well it might work as my old pickup's cab can be pretty noisy, but I figure it's worth a shot. At least until the brain-to-computer jack or those fabled surrogates are ready to go.

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