Monday, May 2, 2011

Writing & Bin Laden

So, according to my government Bin Laden is dead. Not sure I completely believe it as I don't trust any politician - even the ones I like - farther than I can throw them. I'll believe it more once Al Qaida (do I have that spelled correctly?) verifies it. Little did I have any idea what the affect would have on my characters.

Jess started hooting and hollering the second I heard about it, with Paul at her side trying to calm her down. She's like me in some ways, and is thrilled we finally got the head honcho. Paul, her BFF and balance, managed to get her to listen to some sound advice from Martin Luther King, Jr. and her mood changed to a more respectful and somber one. After all, many lives were lost for this cause and the world will suffer because of this. Jess may suffer too, I'm not sure on that angle yet.

Collie's been neutral, preferring rather to step back and watch how the human world reacts to this latest upheaval in global politics. She's been tsk'ing in my head some, shaking her head at our own destruction and fighting her usual battle of reconciling the Fey and Human components of her own life.

And that brings me to Merie. She's been unusually loud and chatty all day. Throwing her hands in the air, shaking her head, and chewing out Satan while shaking her finger in his face. He swears he had no hand in any of the 9/11 tragedies and that Osama was not one of his minions. Merie is concerned about the potential for erupting violence that may escalate to humans destroying themselves - once again.

As none of this really has to do with any of my character's current stories, I'm uncertain as to why they're so chatty about this. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I would appreciate it though if Merie would pipe down a bit so I can get some sleep tonight. I've got an early morning for my SDJ!

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