Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet Jess

Since I got my synopsis done today (boredom while watching big files download = writing), I figured I should introduce Jess to you all and just get her off my back already.  The circus in my head is growing restless.

Jess' life is complicated.  Not only is she a recovering alcoholic approaching her 1-year sober date, her BFF Paul is a closeted stockbroker by day and the reigning Drag Queen Diva of Austin at night, but she also sees dead people.  She doesn't just see them, she talks to them, they touch her, she can touch them, they've done physical harm to her in the past as well.  You'd drink too if you found yourself unexpectedly flying through the air like a rag doll.  And only Paul knows her secret, or so she thinks.  Her best girls Molly and Maggie work with her at the local hospital.  Molly's a social worker - also a recovering alcoholic and former stockbroker.  Maggie works as a billing coder with Jess in the bowels of the hospital.  And Matt works security and is harboring a major crush on Maggie.

There's always a hoard of dead clamoring for Jess' attention following her around.  She's managed to corral most of them in her apartment, but every once in awhile one sneaks out.  Rosie, a warm grandmotherly type who dresses like Lucille Ball, is one that can find Jess anywhere.  She's almost like Jess' spirit guide, almost, but not quite.  Then there's Melissa, the constant whiner who makes Jess throw shoes through her semi-transparent head at times.  Rosie helps keep the dead hoard in control and chastises Jess on a regular basis about her language.  Oh, did I mention Jess swears like a sailor?  The first line in the book starts with "Shut the f--- up!"  Which is exactly why my mother won't read it.

And then there's Sam.  He helped save her life, paying for her rehab stint and helping her get into her apartment.  She likes him, but wants to only be friends. And she's sure she knows him from somewhere, but can't quite place him.  Her memories are lacking in places and it may just be that Sam fell into one of the "holes" in her brain. It's complicated, like I said.

Then there's the new hospital attorney who makes every woman's skin crawl, her evil boss "Vampira" who wants to fire her in the worst way, and 5 year old Sallae Ann's murder to solve.  And that's just the first book.  She's demanding an entire series.

And I thought just being a Gemini is tough!

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