Sunday, January 17, 2010

Random thoughts on Prayers and Laziness

Readers Alert: This post has little to do with writing...just an observation as to why I'm not getting letters done.

I feel better now.  That is after reading MaryJanice's blog and her self admitted laziness.  It's not that I'm actually being lazy...just not feeling like writing much this weekend.  You see, we lost a very sweet kitten last weekend and it's hitting us pretty hard this weekend, so I've been doing other stuff to occupy my time in an vain attempt to occupy my brain.  Didn't quite work.

Instead, I had the random thought that I hadn't heard from a dear friend who's fighting cancer since sometime before the holidays.  This is odd and not necessarily a good sign.  You see, she's one of the beings (beings because I include humans and animals) on my soul's prayer list.  I always have a prayer list going, even though I'm not overtly religious.  I have this running list that I post in my soul and delegate to my soul to take care of while I go about other tasks.  It's a very convenient method of multi-tasking, but when one of the souls I'm praying for jumps off that list and into the forefront of my brain it's not usually a good sign.  Kind of like how I knew my father wasn't going to make it out of the hospital after his second heart attack.  So I'm hoping she's okay and just super busy at the moment.

My employer wouldn't be pleased that I leave my praying duties to my soul to perform on my behalf.  I work for a conservative Christian organization, which I find very hard at times as I'm openly supportive of the LGBT community as a whole, while my employer does not.  I have had some very interesting (and enlightening) converstations with people at work.  Anyway, they view prayer as a very active, and required, duty, while my view point is different.  I figure that God's very busy and I'm sure God's okay with my particular "prayer method" and may even appreciate the fact that I'm trying to lighten the load a bit.

So, I'm concerned.  I hope to hear from my friend soon and that all is okay, as I hope it is.  After the loss of our sweet, lovely kitten (only 6 months old) to Lymphoma, I'm understandably worried.  I just have to remind myself that all my beloved pets are together, playing on a farm somewhere under Pop's watchful eye, and having a blast.

Enough melancholy...hoping for a brighter day tomorrow when I can concentrate on those oh-so-important agent letters that aren't going to be magically written for me.

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