Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work gets in the way again

Had to interrupt writing to attend to work issues again.  So Paul and Paxton (he appears later) are pitching a hissy fit.  I need to finish Book #2 in Jess' series to get on to their complaints.  But Merie and Collie are fighting for attention while Jess just grins evilly in the background knowing that it's "her" story that's being pitched first.  But, we'll see who gets published first.

MaryJanice Davidson had started with Fred, her grumpy Mermaid series, but ended up with Betsy being published first.  While I adore Fred, I wonder if she'd have had the chance to get Betsy heard if Fred had been published first.  Partly because Fred's story was only 3 books long, and partly because Betsy is just so hysterically, raunchily funny that I have to get the next book the second it's available at my local B&N.

Hoping to get more done this week as Jess and Merie have taken to waking me up at god awful hours of the wee morning to dump "stacks of pages" in my head.  And I like my sleep.

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